Monday, August 17, 2009

hey, kids, shake it loose together

Me, Lynise, Jun, Jen, Brad and Katie at Suwon Fortress

Me making my wish at Namsan Seoul Tower

Waterfall in Jeju Island

Beach in Jeju Island

The group of us after the baseball on the 4th

Our tiny little beach hut at Muiido

Laura and Me in a mud pit at Mudfest

During the rafting trip

After hiking the mountain in Suwon

Snorkeling in the Philippines

i grow my own, my own seed shall be sewn

Well, I obviously have no future being a blogger. I am terrible at keeping this up! I haven't posted since the Philippines! And so much has happened since then. Around June, things got super busy for me. My friends and I went into summer mode. Even though we still had to work all summer we made plans every weekend. 

The last weekend in June Katie, Laura F., Elizabeth, Heather H., Laura L., and I went to Muiido. Muiido is a very small island right off the coast in Incheon (where the airport is). We stayed in the smallest little boxes called beach huts. We had a blast though! Sun tanning in the day and hanging out at bonfires at night. Plus, the ocean! It was a nice little girl's trip. 

The next weekend was July 4th. I went to Suji that Friday so I could spend Independence day with my American girls! We woke that morning and went to this restaurant called Butterfingers. It was so expensive, but they served American breakfast and it was delicious! After that we met up with Nate, Matt and Woody and went to a baseball game. Our team lost, but we all had a great time! The next morning Katie, Laura, Elizabeth and I went on a rafting trip with Adventure Korea. It was fun, but the rapids were kind of a let down. 

The next weekend was MUDFEST!!! I had been waiting for this trip! I didn't know too much about Korea when I came, but I knew I wanted to go to Mudfest. Mudfest takes place in Boryeong, Korea. It's right on the beach too. Basically you just cover yourself with mud! It's supposed to be good for you skin. We had a big group on us go (Katie, Jen, Lachlan, Bobby, Morgan, both Laura's, Jordana, Heather, Beth and me) We shared a room with 40 other people! That was insane, but we didn't spend much time in the room. We spent all day at the beach playing in mud.... mud pits, mud slides, mud baths... then you could go wash off in the ocean and do it all over again! It was soooooo much fun! One of my favorite things I have done in Korea. 

The next weekend was my birthday weekend! I have amazing friends here in Seoul and they made it a wonderful night!  My friend Jason, who I met at Johnny Rockets, was visiting during this week, so it was even better! On my actual birthday Jen met up with Brad, Jason and me at Hooters! We had some good good followed by some great noraebang!  

The next weekend, though, was my worst in Seoul. I found out that My Uncle Tony had passed away. I turned out to be impossible for me to go home, and it was hard. And it still is. I won't talk to much about it, because everyone reading this knows how much I love my family and my life won't be the same without Tony. I LOVE YOU TONY.

The next weekend was summer vacation and I went to Jeju island with Katie, Jen and Laura. It was a welcome vacation. BEACH!!! We laid out, went swimming, gambled, drank beer, saw waterfalls... it was amazing. Plus, the love museum was probably the funniest thing I have ever seen. We met with out friends Bryan, Lachlan, Nate and Woody while we were there and we had an amazing time. And when I got back into Seoul, MY SISTER WAS WAITING FOR ME! After being family deprived for close to 11 months it was so good to see her! We had a great time sightseeing and catching up. 

Now, life is back to normal just in time for fall. I have officially started my countdown to come home! 11 weeks now and counting! I have LOVED living in Seoul and I still have a few things I need to do, but I am definitely ready to COME HOME! It won't be long! I need my family and friends! I have missed you all, more than you could ever know! But being able to talk to you and knowing that I have your support has kept me going! This has been an adventure of a year. Unforgettable. And it's not quite over! But, we shall be reunited soon! I love you! And all my loving, I send to you!