Sunday, January 11, 2009

so this is christmas

Well, it's not Christmas anymore, but this is my Christmas post! We had a really fun Christmas. Wednesday night Jen, Katie and Chinchu came over to the spend the night and we celebrated with some Champagne! We each opened one gift then we watched a movie. We also had a good time playing on the Santa Tracker website and we celebrated when he got into Korea!

Christmas morning we woke up and opened our gifts. We all got a lot of cool stuff. Heather and I also had packages from our families. I got a ton of stuff! It was good to have all of us together. Had it been only Heather and I we would have been lonely and sad. But with an apartment full of people we had a good time. Of course, I still missed being home so much. It was sad not getting to watch the boys excitedly opening their gifts and showing me what Santa brought them. It was really sad to not be home with Mama, Daddy and Carly on Christmas morning. I called them though, and listened to them open presents. I help up pretty well, only Daddy and I cried... I think!

New Years was... not quite as fun. We went out to see the countdown (the equivallent of watching the peach drop, I suppose) only in a much smaller space with a bazillion more people! It was a sea of people and you couldn't just stand still. You were just carried away with the crowd. It was intense! By the time we finally got home it was like 3 a.m. and we were just cold and tired. Instead of black eyed peas and greens, we had sushi on NYD. It was delicious!

We had a really nice break, but when we came back to school our schedules were different. I teach a class now that has 3 kids that do not speak English! We are learning the alphabte right now. I thought it would be a miserable class, but I actually like it so far. They are good kids; pretty smart. I had to give them English names, which was fun. One girl already had an English name, Sallena (Selena). So for the other two, a boy and a girl, I just wrote names up on the board and let them pick. The boy chose Thomas! I thought that was cool. The girl didn't like any of the names I put up and instead chose Peach. I feel silly calling on her in class.

This coming up weekend we are going to Suji to visit Katie and Jen! They live in a small town that has a large concentration of foreigners. So, I guess we will have a good time! The weekend after that we are going to Japan!! I am so excited! We are flying into Osaka on the 24th. My best friend Elijah is living about an hour away from there in a town called Wakayama. We are going to some kind of fire festival and then we are going to the beach! I mean, it will be freezing, but I bet it will be beautiful! I miss Elijah so much and am so ready to see him again! Most of you either know or know of Elijah. We have been friends since 1st grade! We became really good friends when we both went to West Georgia! We will also be meeting up with Jen in Kyoto at some point! She has a longer vacation and her mother lives in Kyoto so we will be able to see her too!

I will take a million pictures while I am there! Well, Heather and I are going to eat dinner and watch a movie before we go to bed! Here are some pictures from Christmas! Miss you all!